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Launch of Star Wars Force Arena!

The Korean Studio NetmarbleGames and LucasFilms announced a new MOBA exclusively on Android: Star Wars Force Arena.

The players will compete online (so it is necessary to have a stable connection) in 4vs4.
Like League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite or Paragon, the goal of the game will be to advance as far as possible in the enemy lines, braving sophisticated defensive devices, while embodying the emblematic characters of the saga, Such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or Han Solo.

A panoply of weapons, armor and henchmen * straight out of the universe star wars (blasters, TB-TT, E-wing etc.) will contribute to your total immersion in spatial conflicts.

Cohesion between team members will be very important; In fact, the more you help each other, the more the gains at the end of the game will be important (XP, money …), whether you win or not. It will therefore be necessary to rigorously choose his character in order to complete as much as possible.

The game also has an RPG aspect since, at each end of the game, your reward will be a “war booty” containing materials to upgrade skills, weapons and armor of your favorite character.

The game graphics are very good for a mobile game, and the game looks fluid (although we had not yet had the opportunity to test it).

No release date for Star Wars Force Arena has been released yet, but it is now possible to pre-register on the official website of the game, which will give temporary bonuses or items at the beginning of the game. (On the official website, a pre-registration counter indicates that the more there will be, the greater the rewards).

* Small soldiers acting as cannon fodder, controlled by the AI, here presented in the form of droids.

Star Wars Force Arena: The new mobile game available

The new Star Wars Force Arena free-to-play mobile game, announced in November, is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Developed by Netmarble Games (Marvel: Future Fight, Seven Knights, …), with the support of Lucasfilm, it is a strategy game in arena, in the vein of MOBA like DotA, League of Legends or Clash Royale .

Strongly oriented multiplayer, with PVP in 1 against 1 and in 2 against 2, Force Arena will let you organize your squad according to your tastes while drawing from a gallery of more than 80 characters and vehicles available, then to go to test it during battles In real time at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

One of the assets of the game frequently highlighted by Netmarble and Lucasfilm is the wide variety of characters available, going to tap into the whole Star Wars canon universe (except the Prelogie, given the chronological context of the game).

So, apart from the iconic characters of the films (including Rogue One), Force Arena will also allow us to play with those of the Star Wars Rebels series, as well as comic characters like Doctor Aphra (from Dark Vador and … Doctor Aphra) or Evaan Verlaine (by Princess Leia).

Finally, free-to-play system forces Force Arena has a system of micro-transactions, of falcutative use, allowing to buy crystals directly (necessary to obtain packs of new cards). Available from US $ 2.99 for 270 crystals (one pack = 110 crystals), the system seems especially to save a considerable time.