Hi everybody ! I hope you are fit, today I am very proud to introduce our new Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS Cheats for Windows 10, Android, iOS and PC. This is probably one of the best generator we have been able to conceive so far given the multiplicity of resources you will get!

For those who are not quite adept at Fapijeux, a small presentation is necessary. We are a collective of geek enthusiasts of computing and inevitably video games! For several years now, we have been searching for all the faults of the so-called Freemium gaming systems.

Because yes, maybe you were not aware of it but there are multiple defects that can be diverted by cheats tricks and cheats of any kind. You will have understood, the resource generator is also part of this type of techniques and it is commonly used by online-gameurs! Our Codeskeys24 team is also composed of highly competent developers who design these generators from A to Z and this, on any type of device.

The so-called Free-to-play Freemium games are now common practice for publishing boxes. It is simply a marketing technique playing on our impatience to make us spend euros in paid options. Very concretely, when you download a game Freemium, you get free game content but the more you progress, the more the paid options become mandatory. To enjoy a party that lasts more than 3 minutes, you quickly find yourself obliged to buy these options even to make very sad your bank account!

The resource generator is completely limitless. It acts like a transparent filter in the system of the game and make you incur 0% risks to be banned since you are protected even if you no longer use our tool. Great to say you! Very Fair…

In our case, Modern Combat 5 Credits generator will generate the following resources: CREDITS that will allow you to unlock tricks, including: VIP!

What are the benefits of the Modern Combat 5 Cheats?

First and as the name suggests, you will generate a good amount of credits which will allow you to never be short! This will let you progress normally. This saves you both time and money! And of course you will have access to the VIP which allows you to receive each day new gifts!

Modern Combat 5


Besides indisputable asset: security. As mentioned above, the generator acts as a “transparent filter” which does not allow recognition. Moreover, all the generators are designed on our premises by our own developers, this is a 100% Codeskeys24 creation. The generators are tested on different devices such as tablets or smartphones and then sent to our beta testers that validate their effectiveness and reliability.

For those who have been reading for some time now, we understand that the time required to upload generators can sometimes be very long but at least you will understand that it is for the good cause!

How to use the Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS credits generator?

Step 1: Download the Modern Combat 5 Cheats by clicking on the “Download” button below.
Step 2: Specify the type of platform you are using and click connect.
Step 3: Encrypt the amount of resources you want to inject into your game.
Step 4: Click “START CHEAT” to transfer of your resources.
Step 5: Connect to your game Modern Combat 5: Blackout to finally enjoy the game!

HERE is a proof for Modern Combat 5 Cheats on Windows!

MC5 Screenshot

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Cheat Tool



Modern Combat 5: Blackout, what we talking about?

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is an FPS shooter. Even if there is no particular intrigue, you are immersed in a chaotic and warlike universe. The WLA (the World Liberation Army) attacked by surprise the city of Vienna in Italy. You play as Caydan Phoenix, a former Navy of the US Army charged with assuring the destruction of this organization and fighting all agents.

Codeskeys24 Review: Like most war games, it is possible to play with the multiplayer option on Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The use of the Modern Combat 5: Blackout Cheats for Windows 10 Microsoft, Android, iOS and PC shows all the more utility through this mode since you can fight in team and help your teammates! In this mode, it is less question of discovery as the solo mode proposes. However, the objective remains the same since you are brought to fight the enemy, accomplish your missions by unlocking new weapons and new skills to be the best performer of the players!