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Why to use our kami 2 cheats?

You will have noticed Kami 2 is a free to play in which you are forced to pay to get additional clues. This game being a real headache and the levels being harder and harder, the need for clues is paramount if one wants to advance in the game.

So you have two options: either you pay, or you “cheat” using a hack that can generate free clues. Naturally, the simplest is to use a cheat tool. And at CodesKeys24 we offer one that is 100% secure.

Before being published on our site, the generator is subjected to a series of tests on different devices (iOS and Android, tablets and smartphones). These tests allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our cheat but above all to make corrections to possible bugs. In a second step, we send the generator to a commission of expertise, an organization outside Codeskeys24.

The commission of expertise is in charge in particular of controlling all the safety devices that we have implanted within the generator.

KAMI-2Among the main safety devices that we have installed in the generator you will find an anti-robot test developed by us. The latter must be activated by you, using the video that we published at the top of this article. This activation is mandatory. Without it, you will not be able to receive all of your resources.

Beyond this security system, we have provided the generator with a system of transparency allowing each user to make use of our cheating tool with serenity. The system of transparency allows among other things not to be detected by the editors of the game and thus to circumvent risks of ban on Kami 2.

Finally, know that we submit the generator to several beta testers voluntary. The latter are in charge of evaluating all of our services through the generator. Only after having carried out all these tests and collected the opinions of our beta testers that we publish the generator on our site.

In short, if you want to make big savings, enjoy your game in good form, the clues generator is the trick you need. Why not try it?

How to cheat hints in KAMI 2 with our generator?

  • Start to Follow Step: 1. – Get KAMI 2 Cheats from the download button below.
  • Start to Follow Step: 2. – Select your operating system used by your device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.).
  • Start to Follow Step: 3. – Indicate the amount of hints you want to generate in game.
  • Start to Follow Step: 4. – Click “START CHEAT” and wait until the loading bar is full.
  • This step is mandatory for everyone who use our cheat. This security system makes it possible to verify that the action is not carried out by malicious software and that there is indeed a human behind it.
  • Follow Step: 5. – You can now spend all your hints in your game.

Preview kami 2 unlimited hints

Kami 2, a game of logic:

If you love games like puzzle Chinese head or reflection then you will love Kami 2. In this game you will have to make sure that all the blocks of paper are of the same color to form a sheet of one and the same Color in a determined number of shots.

Reflection and agility will be de rigueur on Kami 2. To help you, a meager pile of hints is at your disposal. Rapidly exhaustible these hints are very precious and it is thanks to the generator that you will get more hints in game!

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