The 3D cinematic action MMORPG mobile game “Goddess Primal Chaos” is coming! Play the most anticipated next-gen mobile game now. Let yourself be transformed into a hero to save the world, traveling through time and space before the birth of the “Tyrant.” Your mission? Save mankind, monsters, and the world of spirits!

Choose from three impressive classes: Summoner, Warrior or Bloodline and face millions of online players in this unique fantasy world! Recover objects, develop your hero and conquer several gameplays. Go on an adventure through this exciting new world today!

Goddess: Primal Chaos is an RPG on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad), where you will be competing with the dark forces. Discover the wonderful world of this game and get down into the dark dungeons, go on fantastic places and call with the help of strong goddesses, who are able to defeat powerful bosses. Join the fight with many enemies and forces the darkness and win in an unequal battle. Progress in the game improve your hero’s skills, making him more solid and robust. Get cute pets, buy legendary weapons and beautiful costumes for the hero. Combine your strengths with your friends and, together, defeat your enemies. In this game, you are waiting for a group and a single fight.

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The cruel sovereign – the successor of the throne in an alternative reality that is lost somewhere between hell and the project Goddess: Primal Chaos. The protagonist is as strong as an ox, and ready to destroy every enemy who dared not read his Lord. However, instead of capturing the entire universe, Ruler’s eyes somehow fell on the ground, which he is determined to destroy. Blue planet on the edge of ruin and total looting, and only the main characters, led into the battle players can bring peace and tranquility to destruction by the territory of the treacherous heir. However, to activate the course of events is reversed, only once in the past.

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Goddess: Primal Chaos Gameplay:

To carry out the feats of arms, and save the galaxy in the project:

Goddess: Primal Chaos users to be using the protagonists, who are representatives of three classes: magician, warrior, vampire – all characters are Tradition, are endowed with unique capabilities and powers, have their amazing characteristics and sensitivity to enemy damage. All items with regard to equipment, protection and war options, you will learn more in the learning process, then you can start to build a new world – without wars and destruction.

The cinematics of the mobile game 3D action MMORPG Goddess Primal Chaos Cheats arrives!

Play the most anticipated next-gen game of 2016 – 2017. Turn into a hero to save the world, traveling through time and space until the moment before the birth of the Tyrant. Your mission ? Save mankind, monsters and the spirit of the world!

Choose from three awesome Classes: Summoner, Warrior, or Bloodline and fight millions of online players in this unique fantasy world! Collect objects, evolve your hero and tame many gameplays. Embark today for your new adventure in this amazing and fabulous new world!

Goddess Game Features:
  1. – Easy to control, combos in one touch and fabulous combat experience.
  2. – Recruit your own Battle Heroes among dozens of types available.
  3. – Join a team and interact with players from around the world in multiplayer dungeons, world bosses and more…
  4. – Use Alliances, Stores and Techs to boost your character or exchange equipment with other players.
  5. – 1c1, 2c2, 3c3, team battles, Alliance War; Choose from multiple PvP modes.
  6. – Innovative and dynamic quests and challenging ‘Urgent Wilds’ missions.
  7. – Innovative and dynamic quests as well as difficult “Terrain Vague” missions.
  8. – Join your forces with those of the Goddesses and defeat the world of demons.
  9. – Dozens of Unique Mounts, Equipments, Weapons and Super Tenues.
  10. – Unique securities system. Upgrade to improve your equipment.

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Note: This game requires an internet connection.