In the new 2021 year ReiBoot Pro is a software by that will allow you to activate or deactivate the restoring mode of your any iPhone, iPad or iPod with a click of the mouse. These operations can be useful when your iDevice is locked on the apple or in DFU mode. It is also effective for repairing devices blocked in restore mode or not recognized by iTunes after a firmware update.

An efficient, free and very easy to use software to unlock your blocked devices or having damaged keys. It allows you to repair your iDevices quickly and without loss of data.

It’s very simple to use it, you just have to connect your iDevice to your computer and to click on one of the two options proposed to activate or deactivate the “Recovery Mode”. This tool is also compatible with all iOS operating systems including new iOS 14.x.x. Also for the iOS 13 all versions you can try our iCloud Assistant Pro to unlock any iCloud Lock!

Download ReiBoot Pro and Put your iPhone / iPad / iPod in recovery mode

Do you want to recover in restore mode, but the Home button on the iPhone is not fully functional? iPhone blocked in recovery mode when iOS 14 update, restore or jailbreak?

Now, with ReiBoot Pro, you can easily enter and exit the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Recovery mode without holding hands down one of the buttons.

Learn More About ReiBoot Pro with registration code:

ReiBoot ProReiBoot Pro (registration code included) is a unique software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX that will allow you to always access your any iOS devices. It is a bakcup and backup system that allows you to force your iPhone, iPad or iPod to restart in the event of a bug or total blockage.

That’s why with ReiBoot Pro, no matter if your iPhone, iPad or iPod hangs when the apple is turned on, if it restarts continuously or the recovery mode does not work properly, kind of forcing the raise to be able to re-access your content and reuse your iOS as before.

Especially, with ReiBoot Pro, apart from its ability to restart your iDevice, everything is done with one or two clicks on from your computer and everything will get back up.

Download ReiBoot Pro both versions for Windows and MAC v8.0 + registration code (2021):


Advanced solutions using ReiBoot Pro Software:

  1. Fix and Exit the recovery mode iPhone, iPad.
  2. Switch to restore mode with one click.
  3. Repair blocked iOS with recovery mode.
  4. Automatically detect an iOS device “do not trust”, locked or disabled.
  5. Repair any problems with the iOS update, overheating, blocking, etc.
  6. Fix iTunes errors.
  7. Restore the iPhone without iTunes, without data loss.
  8. Reset iPhone without iTunes and without code.
  9. Clean and accelerate iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  10. Block ads on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  11. Share and manage music, videos, apps without iTunes limitation.
  12. Back up and restore iOS data without iTunes.
  13. Compatible with all iOS devices (including those under the latest iOS 13xx).
  14. ReiBoot Pro Support downgrade without iTunes (downgrade from iOS 13 to 12, 14 to 13).