The new game “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare”, just released, takes players into space. Not necessarily what to baffle fans who will once again buy it with their eyes closed … Each year its edition of Call of Duty. Infinite Warfare is already the thirteenth of the famous shooting game of the American studio Activision. That is to say the vitality of a franchise that since 2003), regularly beats its sales records. Even when one has to do, as here, an episode likely to divide the fans. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare “Call of Duty is one of the best sellers, alongside games like Fifa,” says Philippe Renaudin, marketing director of Micromania specialty stores. Gambling is a phenomenon among gamers, but goes well beyond that. Even those who do not play have heard of it. It must be said that for each episode, Activision puts the means. After calling actor Kevin Spacey in 2014 for the episode Advanced Warfare, the publisher has joined the services of star David Hasselhoff or Kit Harington, the Jon Snow of the Game of Thrones series.

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In the role of Admiral Kotch, the British actor embodies the great villain of this story which, once unusual, takes the player into space and on other planets. A very science-fiction orientation that recalls another title of the same editor, Destiny, but which surprised a community of players more accustomed to land-based confrontations. “This new episode already divides on social networks,” says Philippe Renaudin. Because it really innovates, at the risk of displeasing. “The first trailer of the game was shown as one of the most hated videos in YouTube’s history.

Fighting in weightlessness

If the two previous episodes of the series, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III, flirted with science fiction, Infinite Warfare takes the player in space to spacecraft commands and amid weightless fights. De facto, these clashes are, despite an ingenious system of grapples, less dynamic than the battles between super-soldiers equipped with exoskeletons of the previous strands. This radical change will inevitably destabilize the fans of the series, but is it so important? “The fans of the series are totally loyal,” says Mr Lev12, Youtuber star specialist of Call of Duty. Even when players are disappointed by an opus, they buy it anyway because CoD offers gameplay without equivalent today. ”

An FPS that always makes authority

Especially, Call of Duty has become over the years the reference of the shooting games (FPS). To the point that three studio studios work independently to the development of the saga, the assurance for the publisher to be able to propose a different one each year. Yet, realizing a sequel is a delicate art.

Infinite Warfare is not perfect

By propelling the player to the heart of the solar system, innovation is present, but the game is not free from small defects. The clashes are sometimes so confusing that the player does not always grasp what happens … Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies On the multiplayer side, some connoisseurs even talk about “regression” half-word. Severe, when we play like a madman with the mode “Zombies in Spaceland” (zombies in space), certainly classical, but funny.

The irresistible effect “Call of Duty”

At Electronic Arts, the eternal rival of Activision who drew a very good episode of his series Battlefield, one confesses in off being enough confident in front of this new Call of Duty. Even if the numbers, which are currently promising, will probably remain below those of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, players in France and around the world have a Call of Duty passion pegged to the body. The legacy of thirteen years of repeated successes.